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Dear Friends of dahlias,

for the better understanding of the dahlia catalog we want to give some basic information:

The dahlia catalog contains varieties, which
1. are currently offered by several breeders and merchants 2. were offered by breeders and merchants, who are members of the DDFGG, within the last five years.
3. were exposed on "Insel Mainau" and can be ordered.
4. were awarded.

We do not list these varieties any longer, whereof no fotos exist and the data are not reliable. We enlarge our catalog every year with varieties, which conform to the above mentioned criteria.

All pictures are provided for free by several photographers, the rights still remain with the photographers. We try to choose these pictures, which show the attributes of the corresponding dahlia in the best way. To improve the quality, we substitute the pictures from time to time.

The data of the single sorts were checked and if possible also examined.

Example: Cornel       =    the data of this sort were examined.

Mistakes can never be totally avoided - but they can be corrected at any time, just send us an e-mail.

Have fun and enjoy the dahlias!

Hans Auinger, Elke Crocoll, Frank Krauße, Bettina Verbeek